Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club

The official KC recognised UK Breed Club for GSMD's. 

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Welcome to the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club.  This club has been formed by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated owners and breeders of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog.


Our aim is to:-


  • Promote the Great Swiss Mountain Dog

  • Offer help, advice and support to owners and breeders.

  • Educate members on health and welfare issues

  • Encourage good sportsmanship

  • Share experiences for a greater understanding of the Swissy

  • Follow the KC code of Ethics for owning and breeding dogs

  • Organise shows/events throughout the year

  • Inspire owners to achieve the most from their dogs

The prize-winners at the 3rd GSMD Breed Club Annual Open Show on 11th May 2019.


Many thanks to our judge Judith Middleton. 


Autumn Webinars ! 1/9/20 - Tracking (man trailing) 6/10/20 - Showing your Swissy 3/11/20 - Nosework 6pm. Let your friends know too. Anyon...

2021 Bye year for Subs

The GSMD Committee have decided to offer a free year of subs in 2021 due to Covid-19. Why not take advantage of this offer and join now t...

Thank you for all the entries to this year's calendar.........

Crufts 2020 Res BB

N DK UCH Eevee AV Bjerkhaug Bred by Mrs L Aarum Owned by Mrs L Aarum