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Buying a puppy


The first step to buying a puppy is to do your homework.  Research the breed carefully to determine that it is the right dog for you.  Remember a cute, fluffy puppy grows very quickly into a lively, energetic, large dog which will demand a lot of time and patience.   To see if a Swissy is right for you read this article...   or this article   Please be honest with yourself when choosing a Swissy to avoid making the wrong choice which often results in re-homing.  Remember a dog is for life!






The next step is to locate a breeder.  Always use a recommended breeder.  Try to visit the breeder's premises to ensure you are happy with the conditions and temperament of the dogs.  This is a good time to discuss which health tests have been carried out on both parents and ask to see copies of the health results. 


Beware of any breeders asking for a large deposit before the puppies are born.  It is strongly recommended that you do not pay a deposit until the puppies are born and one has been allocated to you.  Swissies are extremely difficult breeders and no-one can guarantee how many puppies, if any, they will have.


Once the puppies are 6-7 weeks old try to visit as often as you can to see the puppies growing and developing.  Sometimes you will be able to pick a puppy yourself, or alternately the breeder will choose a puppy that is best suited to your family and environment.


All puppies should come complete with:-

  • KC registrations documents

  • Full details of medication given to date i.e. worming and inoculations

  • Feeding advice

  • All breeders must have the puppy microchipped on or before 8 weeks of age, registered in the breeders name to comply with the law.


Use the links below to contact recommended breeders own websites or e-mail address'. 


Taking your puppy home


When the day finally arrives when you can take your puppy home don't forget that the puppy will need a few days, maybe weeks, to settle into its new environment.  For some advice read the following guide to owning a Swissy..




If at any stage of the dogs life it becomes necessary to re-home it, first contact the breeder.  Most breeders will be happy to either have the dog back, or help in finding a new home. 


Please contact the club if you are prepared to offer a home to an older Swissy. 


Please use the following links to club members own websites/ email addresses.....


Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club breeders in the UK…… 

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