Breed Health Conservation Plan

The KC are compiling a Breed Health Conservation Plan for all dog breeds. The GSMD Club have been asked to submit a survey on the current health situation of the breed in the UK.

I have drawn up a spreadsheet listing known conditions that affect the breed and ask if everyone owning a GSMD would fill it in and return it to me, the BHC, on if their Swissy has been affected by any of the health conditions mentioned or any other that you have experienced.

It is hoped as many owners as possible will co-operate to protect and improve the future health of the GSMD breed. Thank you for your participation.

The results of this survey will not include any dog names or breeders, only numbers are required. The data will be collected and published on the KC website and also on the GSMD Club website.

Breed Health Conservation Plan 2019
Download XLSX • 9KB

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