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The GSMD Club held its annual Character Assessment and Carting Day on Saturday 29th April 2017 at Roade, Nr Northampton.  Six dogs underwent their CA under the careful eye of examiner, Jude Brendon.  The CA is not a pass or fail scenario.  The aim is to assess the natural reactions of dogs under normal everyday experiences.  In time, data collected should give an indication of the temperament of the dogs in the UK highlighting any lines that are producing possibly nervous or aggressive dogs, which, it is hoped, will not be bred from.  One nervous or aggressive dog does not generally mean that line is all the same but over the years it should warn the club of any patterns appearing in any particular line. It is important to assess as many dogs as possible, not just the breeding ones, to give a better picture of the breed as a whole.  This in turn should enable the club to protect the future of the breed and ensure only the correct temperaments are used as breeding stock.    Places for the next CA are already filling up so please send your name to Sue Brailey at if you wish your dog to be assessed.  The ideal age for assessment is between 12 and 18 months.

The carting was organised by Tom and Wendy Murray of the Bernese Working Cart Group.  A number of Swissies, including puppies, started at entry level pulling a log and three progressed to their First Draft Certificate which involves pulling a four wheeled cart.  Most Swissies love carting as they love to pull and many are naturals.  Tom and Wendy have a wealth of knowledge and as well as providing the harnesses and carts, were on hand to assist.

Many thanks go to Jude and Steve Brendon and to Tom and Wendy Murray for all your help and commitment which is greatly appreciated by all.  

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