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Overview of club

The start of the New Year means the subscriptions for the GSMD Club are now due.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are members and invite any of you who are not members to join.

The first question many people ask is 'What will I get out of the Club?' The answer is you will be helping to support the club in its quest to further the breed in the UK with the following:

Encourage breeders to health test and Character Assess their potential breeding stock and think carefully about any breeding that takes place and whether this breeding will further the breed. Health and Temperament are the two main considerations in any breeding.Promote the breed at Discover Dogs in Excel, London and at NEC, Crufts  - This means being truthful about the breed and their challenges, they are not for everyone.Hold events throughout the year - many of you complain that all the events are held in the Midlands.  The reason for this is this the most central location which attracts the most Swissy owners.  It would be great to hold events all over the country but for this the club needs more support and commitment from its members.  The club held an event at Newbury one year and only a handful of owners turned up. It would be great to see events held all over the UK if owners would attend.Hold its annual Breed Club show which is the shop window for the breed - it would be lovely to see more of you attend this show and support the classes, yes I know it is in the Midlands, Overseal in Derbyshire, but please see above.  It is run in a very friendly, relaxed manner and you do not need to show regularly to compete.  This year the show will be held in May so hopefully it will be outside with better weather.  The Club holds its AGM in the morning with the show in the afternoon. Hold annual Character Assessments with independent assessors thereby building up an oversight of the breed.Hold an annual Carting Event.Hold the Swissmas Party which is always very well attended.Organise Swissy Walks around the country - Any of you can organise a walk and invite anyone to come along.Issue quarterly news letters to keep everyone up to date with all that is happening in the Swissy world.Support owners that need help whether with training issues or re-homing - last year the club was called in to help, assess or re-home five Swissies where the families found they were having difficulties or unable to keep the Swissy. Some of these were bred outside the GSMD club and some from overseas. The club is here to help everyone.Hold information on any health issues that appear in the breed and advise accordingly.Educate owners and breeders through the Club's Website annual breed seminars to educate judges on what to look for in the breed.

The kennel club will only recognise a breed once a breed club is established to protect and support the breed. The GSMD breed club is run, by the elected committee, for the members. The GSMD Club welcome new and old members. Members (and non-members) are invited to suggest any new ideas for events to bring the Swissy community together. Details of forthcoming events can be found on the club website  where membership forms can be downloaded. Please ask a member of the club, committee or your breeder to propose you.

Non-members are very welcome at any of these events but surely for an annual subscription of £10 single, £12 joint and £15 family would you not want to belong?

The question you should be asking is 'What can I do for the club to help the breed?'

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